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Baby Biome Focuses On The Microbiome Of Your Baby

Using the latest scientific research, practitioner only supplements and food as medicine, Baby Biome aims on increasing the biodiversity of healthy gut bacteria to support a healthy immune system.

With an increased prevalence in childhood allergies and eczema, it is important to assess a mother’s nutritional status to ensure her baby is getting the essential vitamins, minerals and protein they need to support healthy growth and development.

With all the focus on bub, it is important to remember to assess your own needs, you are GROWING A HUMAN after all. 

Motherhood can be the most rewarding and challenging time of your life, and it is important to know that there is support – mentally, emotionally and nutritionally.


Care Through Every Stage Of Your Journey

Pre-Conception Care

Pre-Conception Care

Baby Biome’s focus on preconception care is designed to look at the health and wellbeing of both women and men to ensure their bodies are in the most optimal condition prior to conceiving. There are many different naturopathic, nutritional and lifestyle changes that can be implemented to have positive impacts on both the female and male reproductive systems.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy nutrition is an important factor when growing little bub. There are different nutritional requirements trimester to trimester that assist with different stages of growth.

It is important to recognise that no two mothers are the same, and that even though trimester requirements may be standardised – Baby Biome recognises the need for personalisation and individual care to accommodate the needs of all mothers to be.

Couples Packages

Couples Packages

Baby Biomes Couples Package is the ultimate level of hands on naturopathic and nutritional care. This program focuses not only on you as a couple but as an individual, delivering personalised and dual treatment plans. The benefit of this package, will mean that you have a structured layout for all your consultations, it will keep you checking in and on track, and by doing this as a couple, you will find the level of support is continued from consultation to the comfort of your home as your loved one is also on the journey for better health.


B.HSc.Nat. Samantha Moormann

My passion for preconception and pregnancy nutrition came from my own immune challenges growing up. I suffer from some food allergies and intolerances to autoimmune and skin issues, which I manage through a combination of supplementary, dietary and lifestyle modifications.

There is now so much knowledge out there that shows how your health can affect your future child’s health and if given the knowledge wouldn’t you choose to give your child the best possible start?

Baby Biome was born with a focus on the microbiome of your baby, which is ultimately determined by the health status of mum and dad prior to conceiving and mum throughout pregnancy.

My aim is to:

  1. Create healthy habits prior to conception and throughout pregnancy
  2. Help build and support the immune system of your newborn
  3. Educate you, to give you the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, that is passed on to your bub
Certified Naturopath and Nutritionist - Samantha Moormann


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Success Stories



I started receiving naturopathic assistance from Sam before I fell pregnant with my baby girl as I needed help balancing out my hormones after a miscarriage. Then when I fell pregnant again I was quick to go to Sam to make sure what I was taking was safe for my bub. Sam straight away made time to see me to go through the next step for me and my growing baby. 

Seeing a naturopath was something so new to me but Sam made me feel at ease with everything. From things like electrolyte supplements to introducing my body and my baby to probiotics to ensure the best possible health for the both of us. Having suffered with eczema and allergies my whole life the treatment I received from Sam has helped me so much I now have so much more knowledge of what it is my body needs. 

Through my pregnancy I had so much energy and seemed to cope with pregnancy and shift work with very little difficulties. Now that my baby girl is here. I have still continued to seek advice and treatment from Sam for both Connie and myself. I couldn’t thank Sam enough for all the help she has provided for me and my little human we’re both very lucky to have Sam in our lives



Cannot recommend Sam’s expertise and support more highly! Sam was 100% devoted to my pregnancy journey from day dot – analyzing my bloods and giving me real, tangible, advice on lifestyle and supplement changes that would help my body to be in the best possible shape to fall pregnant. When we found out I was pregnant, Sam was always available to chat- reassuring me about different foods and exercises that I should and shouldn’t be cautious of. She developed incredibly helpful trimester-based guides of nutrient dense foods that I should be incorporating into my diet and even sent me some delicious recipes to try! When my skin started acting up with all the hormones, Sam put me high quality probiotics and made sure my multivitamin had all the essential vitamins to support my skin! Sam is so genuine in the care she provides and makes the whole journey so much more manageable! I can’t wait to have this baby and share my joy (and many baby cuddles) with Sam!



Sam was an amazing support throughout my pregnancy. She was so kind and patient, and so helpful in making practical and reasonable changes to my diet and lifestyle to help set up my body and my baby for a great start. I’d highly recommend seeing her, and setting yourself and your little love up for the best start at life.



I can not rate Sam highly enough! She is a fantastic nutritionist and support to anyone wanting to improve their health and well being. Sam is not only a wealth of knowledge, she provides exceptional service. Sam will go out if her way for her clients to provide the very best service. Sam also has this ability to make you feel like you’ve know her forever, she sits down with you to really get to know you! Sam helped me throughout my pregnancy and beyond to ensure the best for me and my baby. I can’t thank her enough for her support and guidance throughout.

Baby Biome

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