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About Samantha

Healthy Babies Is What We Do

My mission is to support you with the very best preconception & pregnancy care possible.

B.H.Sc Nat.Nut

Samantha Moormann

My passion for preconception and pregnancy nutrition came from my own immune challenges growing up. I suffer from some food allergies and intolerances to autoimmune and skin issues, which I manage through a combination of supplementary, dietary and lifestyle modifications.

There is now so much knowledge out there that shows how your health can affect your future child’s health and if given the knowledge wouldn’t you choose to give your child the best possible start?

Baby Biome was born with a focus on the microbiome of your baby, which is ultimately determined by the health status of mum and dad prior to conceiving and mum throughout pregnancy.

My aim is to:

  1. Create healthy habits prior to conception and throughout pregnancy
  2. Help build and support the immune system of your newborn
  3. Educate you, to give you the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, that is passed on to your bub/s


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine (Clinical Nutritionist)

Cert III & IV in Fitness

Certified Boxing Instructor

Certified Active Kids Trainer


Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA)

Human Performance Centre (HPC)


University Scholarship

National Winner of the ANTA Bursary Award 2015


Care Through Every Stage Of Your Journey

Pre-Conception Care

Pre-Conception Care

Baby Biome’s focus on preconception care is designed to look at the health and wellbeing of both women and men to ensure their bodies are in the most optimal condition prior to conceiving. There are many different naturopathic, nutritional and lifestyle changes that can be implemented to have positive impacts on both the female and male reproductive systems.

Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy nutrition is an important factor when growing little bub. There are different nutritional requirements trimester to trimester that assist with different stages of growth.

It is important to recognise that no two mothers are the same, and that even though trimester requirements may be standardised – Baby Biome recognises the need for personalisation and individual care to accommodate the needs of all mothers to be.

Couples Packages

Couples Packages

Baby Biomes Couples Package is the ultimate level of hands on naturopathic and nutritional care. This program focuses not only on you as a couple but as an individual, delivering personalised and dual treatment plans. The benefit of this package, will mean that you have a structured layout for all your consultations, it will keep you checking in and on track, and by doing this as a couple, you will find the level of support is continued from consultation to the comfort of your home as your loved one is also on the journey for better health.